Planning a Party? Consider an Ice Cream Truck to Make Dessert Catering Easier


Everyone who has had a party or two in the past knows that every party is a lot of work.  After all, you need to plan the day and time, think about the décor, consider who will be invited, prepare the food and drinks, set it all up, and eventually clean it all up.
It is enough to make everyone think twice about inviting anyone over, let alone having a party to celebrate anything!

Desserts can be the most time-consuming part of the food preparation, as there is normally a lot of mixing, baking, frosting, and scooping involved.  While you can always order a cake from the local bakery, you might want to think about something different than a plain vanilla or chocolate cake with buttercream frosting.

Well, Danny’s Ice Cream has dessert catering to make part of your party planning much easier, as well as tastier.  This is not your average ice cream truck, or catering service. When you contact Danny’s, you can have them assist you with planning out the dessert portion of your party.  They can take your suggestions or simply give you a few ideas that have worked extremely well with previous dessert catering clients.
The result will be a phenomenal ice cream catering experience that will take your party to the next level.

Danny’s Ice Cream Truck carries dozens of different ice cream products, so you will have enough options to make sure that all your guests will receive exactly what they are craving on that day.  They carry all of the classic favorites, including ice cream bars, big dipper cones, ice cream sandwiches, frozen bananas, and more.

If an ice cream truck won’t work for your party or space consider an ice cream cart. You can choose up to six different types of novelty ice cream for the day of your party and a server dressed nicely in uniform with a red bow tie is provided.

The ice cream cart that is used for dessert catering parties can be set up outside on smooth surfaces that have no grass, sand, or gravel.  The carts can be set up inside as well, but since they are heavy when loaded, the server will not be able to go up steep walkways or stairs.

Now Danny’s Ice Cream Truck cannot make the rest of your party any easier, but at least he can take care of the desserts that you serve.  The best part is that all your guests will be thrilled with your dessert options and the fact that they can eat as much as they wish without you worrying about running out.

Send Danny’s Ice Cream Truck San Diego a message and have them help you with your next party.  You won’t be disappointed, and you’ll form a long-lasting relationship where they will be invited to all your future parties too!

Visit Danny’s Ice Cream Truck and Cart online at for a fun and affordable addition to your event.


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