Rent a Classic Ice Cream Truck for your Wedding:


Here you are thinking about a gazillion ideas that might make your special day a memorable one. It needs to be something that appeals to all the guest and just sets the tone of your wedding day. The idea of having ice cream is certainly a popular one. It gives you a chance to serve all your guests with amazing treats and maybe taste some of it yourself. Everyone loves ice creams and you might be thinking of having an ice cream truck on your weddings’ reception. But what would make the idea of having an ice cream truck an unforgettable one? The answer is a Classic ice cream truck with classic items back from the day.

Danny’s Classic Ice Cream trucks are a phenomenal success at all sorts of events especially weddings because it gives you a chance to experience your childhood memories all instilled in a truck full of ice cream. Even the ice cream man will be dressed in a classic way with a white shirt and red bow tie followed by a soda jerk hat to bring the infamous classic vibe.

Danny’s ice cream has an extensive menu that caters to all age groups. With plenty of variety and flavors a loaded ice cream truck at your wedding reception might just be the real deal and would make your wedding a memorable one. Avail services of Danny’s Classic Ice cream truck for 30-120 minutes of service filled with a menu of over 30 options, including Big Dipper Cones, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Chips Galore, Fudge bars, Bomb Pops and More. Includes our “Red Bow Tie: Wedding prices start at just $299 for a wedding of 70 guests. 

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