Appreciate your Employees in a Classic way – Danny’s Ice Cream Truck

Employees are an integral part of a company as they’re the very reason why your day to day operations get done and you’re able to generate profits and sustain your company. Every year on March 1st we celebrate the official Employee Appreciation Day. Truth be told, your employees actually deserve more than a day to be appreciated for their countless efforts but keeping up with the tradition you should try to make their special day as special as possible in every way. The best way to do that is to look at things in such a way that they can relate to it in terms of fun, reminiscence and nostalgia. Danny’s Ice Cream has the perfect solution as your employees would love to be appreciated in the best possible way.
Just imagine Danny’s Ice Cream Truck pulling up to your workplace. Your employees would think about all the memories they developed over the years chasing ice cream trucks. Here are three reasons why your company’s Employee Appreciation Day should have Danny’s Ice Cream Truck :

  • Everyone Loves Ice Cream:

It’s not just the Classic looks our truck as well as the ice cream man has, its about the ice cream menu and how everyone still adores it. You need a product that is available that everyone loves or at least wouldn’t mind trying. Ice cream is affordable, tastes great and is the perfect item because it really does bring the child in all of us. It is the truth that everyone loves ice cream because it really does bring out the child in all of us.

  • Extensive Menu:

From the Fudge Bar to the Big Dipper Cone, our ice cream truck has got your covered in all areas especially the menu. Our trucks carry more than a dozen of classic ice cream items that guarantee to put a smile on someone’s face. Just wait until they see the classic look of the Batman bar which obviously is way better than Ben Affleck’s costume. The ice cream alone will be quite popular as Batman back in the day was loved by adults as well as children.

  • Our Clients:

It might sound unreal but our Classic ice cream truck is a hit in many huge companies all across San Diego County. Just to give you an idea, HP and DR Horton are two big companies that have availed our services and they absolutely loved it. It doesn’t matter what the size of your company is, all we can say is that your employees will enjoy our ice cream truck on their special day at the office.
Danny loves to bring out the best on events and we certainly understand that your employees are a valuable asset to you.

Invite Danny’s ICe Cream Truck to your next company function or Employee Appreciation Day www.DannysIceCreamSD.com