Celebrate your Child’s Birthday with Danny’s Ice Cream Truck

Our children deserve the best as they bring light and hope to our world. Not only that, they give us a reason to get up everyday and look forward to spending some time with them. A birthday carries a lot of importance in child’s life as it tells him how important he/she is to their parents and his/her friends. Every year we try to make our children’s birthdays relevant and an event that could be remembered by them over years to come. There’s this one thing that children absolutely love and we bet when you were young you also loved it.

Ice cream is adored by kids all over the world as it gives them joy and sweetness that makes their day special. Danny’s ice cream trucks are unlike the ice cream trucks you see every day in your neighborhood. There’s a certain euphoria attached to our ice cream trucks and all of our items because we take you back to the days when things were all fun and sweet. Of course, your children have missed out on the fun that comes with a Classic ice cream truck and perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to introduce them to classic ice creams. Here are three reasons why Danny’s ice cream truck should be at your kid’s birthday party.

Back in the day, cartoons and ice creams were always popular with each other. Kids love the fact that they can get their favorite cartoon character in the form of an ice cream. Various items on our menu guarantee the excitement that you’ll see on their faces as they eat the PowerPuff Girls ice cream bar. We all know how kids love cartoons and they’d do just about anything for a cartoon ice cream!

Remember that days when ice cream was genuinely exciting and tasted amazing? Well, your kids have missed out on some pretty great ice cream brands including Popsicle, Good Humor and Blue Bunny. These brands still taste pretty great and give the ultimate classic experience.

All of us have nostalgic memories attached with classic ice creams and trucks. Not only will your kid be introduced to classic ice creams but you’ll have that same smile you had when you were a child while chasing ice cream trucks in your neighborhood because we all have done that. Danny’s ice cream will make you feel like a kid again and we can bet that you’ll be happy seeing all the memories right in front of you.

Believe us, your children go crazy seeing an ice cream truck on their birthday party.

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