Danny’s Ice Cream: A Delectable Addition to Your School Fundraiser

After months of coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, it would be an understatement to say that the last year has come with multiple challenges. COVID-19 has threatened both the physical wellness of California’s residents, as well as the economic wellness of businesses.
However, schools have probably taken the brunt of this pandemic, particularly since teachers have had to scramble to adjust their lesson plans and make them suitable for virtual learning. Therefore, it is safe to say that education systems have suffered quite a bit throughout the last several months. So, what better way to alleviate some of your school’s stress and contribute to its recovery than to have our ice cream truck come to your fundraising event?

Danny’s Ice Cream of San Diego, CA loves helping give back to the community. We are fully equipped to bring our signature ice cream truck to your fundraiser and impress your guests with our wide variety of ice cream treats and our Red Bow Tie Service. Your attendees will enjoy taking pictures beside our ice cream truck while sampling our tasty frozen desserts. Plus, our ice cream business is incredibly flexible, especially during this period of COVID-19, so we can cater just about any type of event you have in mind to raise money. One of the best aspects of choosing our ice cream truck for your fundraiser is that we will even donate up to twenty-five percent of the proceeds to your school, making our ice cream a sweet and rewarding addition to your fundraising event.

While our adaptability, sales contributions, and, of course, our ice cream are all perks of selecting Danny’s Ice Cream to assist with your fundraiser, another important benefit is our ability to keep everyone healthy and safe. This will allow those in attendance to easily enjoy the event without anxiety because of the applied safety practices and explicit consideration for their well-being. Our business strives to strictly adhere to the COVID-19 protocols set forth by the County of San Diego Department of Health to keep your event secure. As a result, you can trust us to practice social distancing as frequently as possible and maintain the overall sanitation of our ice cream truck by regularly wiping down surfaces with approved disinfectants. We promise to wear protective masks and only to serve prepackaged ice cream, which will significantly reduce the likelihood of your event’s participants coming into contact with a contaminated dessert. Furthermore, we have made face coverings a mandatory part of our ice cream server’s uniform, along with our go-to red bow tie and apron. Ultimately, Danny’s
Ice Cream of San Diego can help give you the safe, successful event you have been hoping for.

So, if you are ready to create a secure, epic event to raise funds for your local school in San Diego, contact Danny’s Ice Cream at 619-663-4239 for a delicious addition to your school fundraiser!