Danny’s Ice Cream Truck and your Wedding day

Our wedding day is one of the most important and significant days in our life. It’s the beginning of an important phase in one’s life and is equally necessary for the future of our family. Time after time, we see that people try to make their weddings unforgettable for themselves and their guests. Finding out creative ways to make your wedding day is a common strive that we all like to try. Let us ask you a question, why do we really need to make our wedding a special one? We mean that isn’t it already special as two souls are about to enter a holy matrimony?

We totally agree! Weddings regardless of how creative they are made are already memorable but wouldn’t it be great if we can preserve that specific day so that we can always remember the specifics of that day. Danny’s ice cream is dedicated to making that happen! We love to make all sorts of events but weddings are one of our favorite!  Here are three reasons why your wedding reception should have Danny’s ice cream truck.

The human brain works in such a way that it preserves memories through objects or things that are present in a place. The objects present somehow are then associated with that memory and hence makes us remember till the end. The ice cream truck with its classic look and red bow tie ice cream man makes it an image that is distinctive in looks and appearance. It looks so great that it will preserve memories of one of the most important days in your life. Your guests will remember it for a long time as they will always associate the classic ice cream truck with your wedding.

Kids will be kids, whether it’s a social event or wedding kids can be a nuisance and bother a function’s proceeding. If you’ve ever attended a wedding you’d know that kids like to play around and create mayhem. And it’s not their fault, they do not understand that are even causing trouble as they’re just trying to have some fun because that’s what kids do! Just imagine an ice cream truck being around a corner at your wedding and all the kids gathered are gathered around it eating ice creams! Happy smiling faces enjoying a frozen treat. Danny’s even has baby wipes to keep those little faces and hands clean.

Let’s be honest, all of us love ice cream regardless of our age. A classic ice cream truck is something folks tend to go nuts over because it’s been ages since we even last saw one. We’re sure that one of the best memories of your childhood would be the one where you hear the music of an ice cream truck and then you’d run towards it! Experience the same nostalgic experience with an extensive menu covering all the popular ice cream classics and even a few recent additions.

So, what are you even waiting for?
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