Danny’s Ice Cream Truck deserves an A Plus

For both students and teachers, it has been a tough week at school. Students have had to study, finish their homework, and work on class projects. On the other hand, teachers have had to prepare lesson plans and explain how to solve that difficult math problem with long division. After a long, challenging week of tests, homework, and teaching students how to diagram a sentence, there is nothing like a tasty treat to celebrate the week’s accomplishments.

Bringing Danny’s Ice Cream Truck to your school or classroom is a great way to reward and thank both students and teachers for all of their hard work throughout the school week, as well as encourage them to keep up the dedication.

Danny’s Ice Cream Truck is PTA approved in California and able to serve ice cream in many different school districts. Our ice cream truck offers a diverse array of ice cream choices so no one will be disappointed. We can work with you to develop a catering schedule as well that suits your school’s needs, and no class is too big or too small.

We will even assist you with your fundraising needs because we love to support our local schools and bring smiles to both teachers and students alike. Visit our fundraisers service to see how we can add fun to your school day or to your school’s fundraising event!