As a Thank You for being a valued customer of Nana’s Heavenly Ice Cream Truck we are inviting you to try Danny’s Ice Cream Truck. Same Great Classic Truck, Same Great Red Bow Tie Service.

We are doing a pilot program with our scheduling system. Rather than have an exact arrival time we are now offering a discounted destination fee of $9.00 weekdays/ $19 weekends for the first 20 customers that book events with an arrival time within a 90 minute period.  (We’ll still require the 50 item minimum @$2.39 each)

How it will work is you will request an arrival time and instead of the ice cream truck pulling up right at the time we will arrive within 90 minutes of your requested time.  We could arrive right at your arrival time but as long as 90 minutes after. This will allow us to service many more customers, and allow savings for you. 

12-24 Hours prior to your event we will send out an email letting you know within a 30 minute range of our expected arrival time. We are also glad to send a text when we are 10 minutes away. 

An example would be:
Your Party is at 1:00 pm on Saturday.  You request an arrival time between 1:30-3:00 and pay your $9.00 destination fee. You now have secured a time slot for the truck to arrive between 1:30-3:00 on Saturday. On Friday evening we will email you letting you know we expect to arrive between 2:15-2:45. Saturday we will text you at 2:20 to let you know we will be arriving in 10 minutes (2:30)

If you would like the truck at an exact time such as 1:30 we are glad to still accommodate your request, however it would be at the regular booking fee of $39-79 depending on your location and day of the week.